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Import Control System & EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification Scheme)
Further to previous information, please note that the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) will need the EORI number to be filled with the Carrier.
The objective of the Economic Operators' Registration and Identification System is to establish a unique system of registration and identification for economic operators in the EU as set out in Regulation (EC) 312/2009. In the context of ICS, EORI numbers are among the required ENS data in order to obtain the MRN. EORI numbers are also essential for the identification and ability to contact economic operators.

VIP Freight Ltd EORI number is GB782842302000.

Further advice on EORI number along with application forms is available directly from HMRC website at the following address: HMRC – EORI Direct page

Please also note that EORI numbers and status should be checked prior to despatch to avoid any delay. If you have a UK VAT number you can check to see if it has EORI status. Please prefix your nine digit VAT number with GB and suffix with 000 for example GB123456789000 (do not put any spaces between the digits) and log onto the EORI EU CHECKER.

We will keep you informed about the Import Control System and any associated additional costs in due time.